Henriod, Henry-Louis (1887-1970) (Individuals\H)


Base Data

NameHenriod, Henry-Louis
DescriptionEducation: Neuchâtel Universty and Marbourg, Germany - theology; 1915-1919 Secretary Student Christian Movement of Great Britain; 1920-1932 Secretary and for 2 years General Secretary World's Student Christian Federation and in that capacity traveled to more than 45 countries in the world; 1932 elected general Secretary of the World Alliance for international Friendship Through the Churches and in 1933 elected General Secretary of the Universal Christian Council. During the war, he was president of the "Comité genevois d'aide aux réfugiés protestants"; 1946 director of the Ecumenical Institut of Bossey. He has written many articles for reviews and made very extensive studies of particular problems in the life and work of the churches.

Additional Info

Date of birth:1887
Date of death:1970