TP0708-00 Group photo of delegates, 1927 (Document)

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Ref. code:TP0708-00
Title:Group photo of delegates
Creation date(s):1927

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Archival Material Types:Image
Dimensions W x H (cm):18 x 24 cm
Color/Image editing:B/W

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Photographer(s):WCC Photo

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Contains also:Left to right: Mrs Chik of China; Father Thoma of Syrian Orthodox Church; Rev. I. Luka of Cairo; Dr Wei of China; Archbishop Seraphim; Archpriest Janson of Latvia; Archbishop Stephan of Sofia; Bishop Isariah of India; Mr Manuda; Rev. Gorodiszcz of Poland.
First World Conference on Faith and Order, Lausanne 1927.

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Reproduction conditions:WCC copyright
Physical properties:Bad condition

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Originals (existence, storage location):Original photo
Existence of originals:Photo archive prints
Copies (existence, storage location):DVD 26

Internal statements

Date of description:2005


Entries:  Switzerland (Geographical descriptors\Europe)
  Lausanne, Switzerland, 1927, August 3-21, First World Conference on Faith and Order (Events\L)
  Faith and Order (WCC Organisations\Programmes of the WCC)
  Western Europe (Geographical descriptors\Europe)
  Europe (Geographical descriptors\)
  Chik, Tai Wei-King (Individuals\C)
  Thoma, Rabban (Very Rev.) (Individuals\T)
  Luka, Ibrahim (Rev.) (Individuals\L)
  Wei, Francis Cho Min (Dr.) (Individuals\W)
  Seraphim (Bishop of Vienna) (Individuals\S)
  Janson, John (Archpriest) (Individuals\J)
  Stephan, Georgiev (Metropolitan of Bulgaria) (Individuals\)
  Gorodiszcz, Piotr (Rev.) (Individuals\G)
  Isariah, (Bishop) (Individuals\I)
  Electronic file on line (Subject\WCC Multimedia)


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