B7455A - B7455B U. Thant's visit to WCC, 1966 (File)

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Ref. code:B7455A - B7455B
Title:U. Thant's visit to WCC
Creation date(s):1966

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Contains also:Visit of U. Thant, UN general secretary, to the WCC, 1966.

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Date of description:2005


Entries:  Thant, U (Secretary General of the United Nations, 1962-1971) (1909-1974) (Individuals\T)
  Visser't Hooft, Willem Adolf (Dr.)(1st WCC General Secretary, 1948-1966) (1900-1985) (Individuals\V)
  Staff of the WCC (Subject\WCC General)
  United Nations (Other Organisations\U)
  Visits (Subject\WCC General)


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