33 3rd WCC Assembly. New Delhi 1961, 1958-1962 (Subseries)

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Title:3rd WCC Assembly. New Delhi 1961
Creation date(s):1958 - 1962

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Name of the creator / provenance:WCC Assembly. New Delhi 1961
Administration history:"Jesus christ- the Light of the world"; New Delhi, India ,19 november to the 5 December 1961; 577 delegates from 197 member churches.
New Delhi's theme was again Christocentric. But the discussion now included the issue of the other world religions.The theme, however, was not given the same prominence as at previous assemblies, and served mainly as a sort of guiding principle. The international Missionary Council was intergrated into the WCC, begining the Division on World Mission and Evangelism. The assembly approved an extension of the WCC basis by adding the phrase "according to the scriptures", and the Trinitarian formula.
Of the 23 churches welcomed into WCC membership at New Delhi, 11 were African, 5 Asian and 2 South African. Only 5 wrere from Europe and North America. Two pentecostal churches from Chile formed a bridge to Evangelical churches.The presence of the large Orthodox churches from Eastern Europe was regarded as an opportunity to ensure "a real spiritual dialogue" between Eastern and Western churches. "If we accept this opportunity our ecumenical task will not become easier, but we shall surely be greatly enriched." Out of the estimated 400 million Christians who belong to WCC member churches today, almost 140 million are Orthodox.
Section 1 faced the theological problems of understanding other religions in the light of Jesus Christ (a still unresolved problem). Another issue was how to distinguish Christian service from mere philanthropy Discussion in section 2 of the problems of political, economic an social change was largely oriented to the third world. In section 3, the unity of the chuch was conceived as "one fully commited fellowship holding the one apostolic faith, preaching the one gospel, breaking the one bread, joining in common prayer, and having a corporate life reaching out in witness and service to all and who at the same time are united with the whole Christian fellowship in all places and all ages..."
New Delhi took a renewed stand on religious liberty, adopted a resolution on antisemitism, clarified the churches' views of the intenational crisis and issued a message to Christians in South Africa and appeal to all All Governments and Peoples". The WCC by now asssumed increased responsibility for relief to people in distress, refugees and victims of catastrophes all over the world. In Amsterdam the churches committed themselves to stay together; in Evanstonthey affirmed their intention to grow together; and now they were eager to assume new tasks together.

In Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement, 2nd edition, 2002. WCC Publications, Geneva

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Section 1: Witness
Section 2 : Service
Section 3 : Unity

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