212 World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches, 1909-1948 (Fonds)

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Period of Existence:1914 - 1948
Administration history:The Alliance, chiefly the outcome of the vision and devotion of an English layman, Lord Dickinson, was founded at Constance in August 1914 with the help of the Church Peace Union, with which the Alliance maintained close relationship through the years. Besides Dickinson, persons like Bishop Ammundsen of Haderslev, Denmark, Bishop Berggrav of Norway, Dr Henry A. Atkinson, Dr Charles S. AMcfarland, Prof. Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Henry-Louis Henriod, General Secretary of the World Alliance and of Life and Work from 1933 to 1938, played an important role in the life and activities of the Alliance.

The World Alliance understood itself as "a free organization working primarily in and through the churches for the cause of peace, and in association with the other branches of the ecumenical movement". Its purpose was to help substitute reason and arbitration for war as a means of settling international disputes by cooperating with many secular agencies, churches, colleges, schools and other groups working for the attainment of collective security and a just and abiding peace.

From 1933-1938 the Alliance together with Life and Work issued a joint bulletin, The Churches in Action, and cooperated in the International Christian Press and Information Service. Although after the war attempts were made to restablish the Alliance on an international basis, it became clear that it was no longer possible to restore the old organization. As the World Council of Churches and the International Missionary Council had set up the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, the old World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches was formally dissolved on 30 June 1948.
Geographical information:Founded in Constance, Germany.
Legal form:Non-governmental organization (NGO)

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Ref. code:212
Title:World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches
Foreign language terms:Alliance Universelle pour l'Amitié Internationale par les Eglises


Related corporations/Families/Persons:Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA)
Life and Work

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Name of the creator / provenance:World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches

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Creation date(s):1909 - 1948
Archival Material Types:Paper
Number:24 boxes
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Contains also:This fonds contain documents from the conferences, the minutes of numerous meetings of the International Council, the Executive Committee, Management Committee, Finance Committee. A Committee for Refugees was very active during the years 1933-1939. Also extensive records of the Youth Commission, documents on relations with the League of Nations and the International Labour Office, on peace negotiations and minority questions and correspondence such as Goodwill, Die Eiche, World Alliance News Letter preserved the continuity of the movement.

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Copies (existence, storage location):Box 38/13, Serie H-12, Microfiche no 1-289

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Date of description:2003


Entries:  World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through Churches (Other Organisations\W)
  Bouvier, André (Rev.) (Individuals\B)
  Ammundsen, Valdemar (Prof.) (Individuals\A)
  Atkinson, Henry Avery (Dr) (Individuals\A)
  MacFarland, Charles Stedman (Rev.) (Individuals\M)
  Siegmund-Schultze, Friedrich (Rev. Prof. Dr) (Individuals\S)
  Sister organization (Subject\WCC General)
  Henriod, Henry-Louis (1887-1970) (Individuals\H)
  Zankov, Stefan (Prof. Dr.) (Individuals\Z)
  Dickinson, Willoughby H. (Lord) (Individuals\D)
  Berggrav, Eivind Joseph (Bishop) (1884-1959) (Individuals\B)
  Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (1906-1945) (Individuals\B)

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