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(expanded) Archive  Archives holdings
(expanded) Fonds 200 World Council of Churches (WCC) (1895-)
(reduced) Department  WCC Paper Archives (1895-)
(expanded) Department  WCC Photo Archives (1886-)
(expanded) Class  Personalities
(reduced) Series  WCC General Secretaries
(reduced) Series  WCC presidents
(expanded) Series  WCC staff
(reduced) Box  WCC staff - groups of unidentified staff
(reduced) Box  WCC staff - groups of identified staff
(reduced) Box  WCC Staff parties
(reduced) Box  A
(reduced) Box  B
(expanded) Box  C
(reduced) File  Edgard C. Chandler
(expanded) File  Sarah Chakko
Document D1173-00 Miss Sarah Chakko, Amsterdam, 1948 (1948)
Document D1338-00 Sarah Chakko (1951)
Document D2122-00 Miss Sarah Chakko (1953 (c))
(reduced) File  Leslie Cooke
(reduced) File  J. H. Cokburn
Document D1748-00 Mr Carrillo de Albornoz (1953)
Document D0055-00 Samuel McCrea Cavert (1948 - 1960)
Document B5588-30 Ms Challet (1960)
File B8972-1 - 7 Fr. Christophe (1969)
File B9185-14 - 23 Miss Inga-Brita Castren (1969)
File B9931-5 - 14 Mr. Lenord Clough (1971)
File B10290-2 - 4 Deidre Caniffe (1972)
File B10290-24 - 25 G. Cudre-Mauroux (1972)
File B10291-8 - 9 Ms Clark (1972)
File B10292-9 - 10 Octave Coumont (1972)
File B10292-17 - 18 Inga Castren (1972)
File B10294-19 - 20 Ms Constant (1972)
File B10295-11 - 12 Hilary Penn Collarbone (1972)
File B10295-36 - 37 Ms Courvoisier (1972)
File B10296-22 - 23 Ms Chapman (1972)
File B10297-21 - 22 Ms Chassot (1972)
File B10298-35 - 36 Ms Corthésy (1972)
File B10299-13 - 14 Ms Crawford (1972)
File B10300-9 - 12 Ms Coates (1972)
File B10303-18 - 19 Adrien Crivelli (1972)
File B10303-20 - 21 Ms Cambet (1972)
File B10305-22 - 23 Martin Conway (1972)
File B10308-13 - 32 Ms Clement (1972)
File B10308-24 - 25 Ms Carmen (1972)
(reduced) Box  D
(reduced) Box  E
(reduced) Box  F
(reduced) Box  G
(reduced) Box  H
(reduced) Box  I
(reduced) Box  J
(reduced) Box  K
(reduced) Box  L
(reduced) Box  M
(reduced) Box  N
(reduced) Box  O
(reduced) Box  P
(reduced) Box  Q
(reduced) Box  R
(reduced) Box  S
(reduced) Box  T
Box  U
(reduced) Box  V
(reduced) Box  W
Box  X
(reduced) Box  Y
(reduced) Box  Z
(reduced) Series  Other personalities
(reduced) Class  Meetings / Events
(reduced) Class  Church Life
(reduced) Class  Christian Confessions
(reduced) Class  Inter-confessional dialogue
(reduced) Class  Non-Christian Religions
(reduced) Class  Organisations and Institutions
(reduced) Class  Refugees / Displaced people
(reduced) Class  Natural disasters / Relief
(reduced) Class  Political and social issues
(reduced) Class  People
(reduced) Class  Health care
(reduced) Class  Environment / Nature
(reduced) Class  Education and training
(reduced) Class  Work camps / Youth camps
(reduced) Class  Economy / Development
(reduced) Class  Countries (travels)
(reduced) Class  Media
(reduced) Class  Art / Culture
(reduced) Class  Architecture
(reduced) Class  World Council of Churches buildings
(reduced) Class  UNCLASSIFIED Recent photos
(reduced) Department  WCC Film & Video Archives (1948-2003)
(reduced) Department  WCC Sound Archives (1948-)
(reduced) Department  WCC Microform collection (1977-)
(reduced) Fonds 212 World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches (1909-1948)
(reduced) Fonds 213 World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) TRANSFERRED TO YALE UNIVERSITY DIVINITY SCHOOL LIBRARY IN OCT 2018 (1895 - 1995)
(reduced) Fonds 214 Lutheran World Federation (1947-)
(reduced) Fonds 215 World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) (1875-2010)
(reduced) Fonds 216 World Council of Churches Retired Staff Association (1992-)
(reduced) Fonds 217 Christian World Communions (CWC) (1957-)
(reduced) Fonds 218 Conference of European Churches (CEC) (1957-)
(reduced) Fonds 26 International Missionary Council (IMC) (up to 1961) (1910 - 1961)
(reduced) Fonds 27 Integration IMC / WCC (1943-1961)
(reduced) Fonds 431 World Council of Christian Education and Sunday School Association (1907-1971)

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